Top 10 Best Driving Schools In New Rochelle

Driving Schools In New Rochelle

Looking for the best driving schools in New Rochelle to attend? You have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the best driving schools near me in New Rochelle in this post.

New Rochelle has some of the best driving schools near me in New York. Most of these schools offer quality and comprehensive driving lessons at an affordable cost. Continue reading to discover some of the best driving schools in New Rochelle, NY.

Best Driving Schools in New Rochelle

Below is a list of the top driving schools near me in New Rochelle:

1. Heritage Auto School Inc

One of the top driving schools near me in New Rochelle is the Heritage Auto Driving School. The school was established to provide quality and affordable driving lessons to people.

The school has been proudly serving drivers throughout the surrounding new Rochelle community since 1974. Heritage Auto School trains students from the Bronx, Yonkers, and White Plains NY, all in New York.


21 Anderson St | New Rochelle, NY 10801

Tel - 914-246-0759


2. New Millennium Driving School, Inc

Located in New Rochelle, New Millennium Driving School is one of the top driving schools in Westchester, and has been training people to become professional drivers since 1998. 

The school has skilled, patient and knowledgeable instructors. They also have many years of experience working in the field. New Millennium Driving School offers winter driving, adult in-car lessons, defense driving, stick shift driving, and also have programs for seniors.

Why Millennium Driving School?

  • Highly trained instructors in the most current safety measures
  • All instructors are DMV certified 
  • Most competitive rates anywhere
  • Quality and affordable fee
  • Fun and interactive classroom lessons 


3. Pel-Rochel Driving School

Another driving school near me in New Rochelle is Pel-Rochel Driving School. Being the sister school to A Safeway Driving School, Pel-Rochel driving school has been training students in the field of driving for over a decade now.

The school has trained professionals who have earned a reputation for responsible and caring driving instructions. 

Why Choose Pel-Rochel Driving School?

  • The school has highly trained instructors in the latest safety techniques and rules of the road
  • All Pel-Rochel Driving School instructors are DMV certified
  • Affordable school fee
  • The school also offers individual lessons, and package plans to fit their criteria and schedule 


4. Cowell's Driving School

It is a family owned institution that has been providing driving lessons to the Bronx area for over 5 decades. It is one of the best driving schools near me in New Rochelle.

Cowell's Driving School has experienced and highly trained instructors. The school provides driving lessons, road tests, discounted driving packages, pre-licensing mandatory 5-hour class, insurance/point reduction 6-hour defensive driving class.


1228 East Gun Hill Road, Bronx NY 10469

Phone - (718) 547-1674

4. New York Auto School

5. Formula Driving School LLC

Formula Driving School is a driving institution located in New Rochelle, NY. The school was established in 1988 to provide quality and affordable driving lessons to people. The school has highly well-trained instructors.

The mission of Formula Driving School is to educate the public of the need for more intensive driver training and to promote traffic safety on our highways and streets. Formula Driving School has a great review from both graduates and continuing students.

The school offers private driving instructions, 5 hour pre-licensing class and the defensive driving class. Formula Driving School is also affiliated with DSAA, ADED, MADD, NYSAPDS and others.


6. Paradise Driving School

As the name suggests, Paradise driving school is a driving institution that provides quality and comprehensive driving lessons to students at an affordable cost. Paradise driving school has a good reputation in New York.

The school is an excellent place to gain driving skills and to obtain your driver's license. Paradise driving school has well-trained instructors who are known for their patient, and also provide reliable services.

In order to provide security for their students, the school ensures that their cars are fully insured and dual controlled. Instructors are also well-trained and licensed by the state of New York therefore students need not to fear.

7. Hudson Driving Center

Hudson Driving School is another top driving school near me in New Rochelle that provides an affordable State-certified and approved pre-licensing drivers training program. The school offers private driving lessons to those interested.

The school is located at 531 Central Park Avenue Suite 104 in Scarsdale. Hudson Driving School also serve local cities which include Hartstadale, York Town, White Plains, Bronxville, Yonkers and Dobbs Ferry.

Website :

8. Safecruz Driving School

If you really need to attend driving classes in New Rochelle, then Safecruz Driving School is the best place for you. The school has been in service for over a decade.

The aim of the school is to aid students to learn how to drive safely, and also create a comfortable driving experience so they can achieve their goals. Safecruz Driving School offers driving lessons services, 5hr pre-license class and road test services. 

The school has well-trained instructors which means students need not to fear. 

9. Riverside Driving School

Riverside Driving School is a driving school near me in New Rochelle, NY. The school is family-owned and has been in operation for over 4 decades. 

The institution offers a number of programs to meet students needs, which includes lessons on defensive driving, vehicle safety and highway driving. Riverside Driving School is licensed by the State of New York.


4110 White Plains Road Bronx, NY 10466-3008


10. Gotham Driving School

Gotham Driving School is a driving school in New York duly licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The school teach people how to operate their vehicles safely.

Gotham Driving School offers beginning, advanced, and defensive driving courses to new drivers and people that want auto insurance reduction.

Other Driving Schools Near Me in New Rochelle

1. Skin Auto School

2. Golden Crown Driving School

3. Westchester Driving School

4. Normans Auto Driving School

5. Lucy Auto Driving School

6. Middletown Road Driving School

7. Ruki Driving School - Bronx, New York

8. Epic Driving School

9. Behind the Wheel Driving Center 

10. Safe & Sane Driving School 


There are other quality driving schools in New Rochelle which we could not add to this list. We suggest you visit each school to know more about their services such as admission requirements, fees and other relevant information.

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