Catering Schools in Ghana and their Fees


                                 Catering Schools in Ghana and their Fees

Looking for one of the best catering school in Ghana to attend? We got you. Ghana has some of the best catering schools in West Africa. According to reliable sources, many West Africa countries prefer pursing their catering courses in Ghana. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best catering schools in Ghana and their fees.

Catering is one of the best professions in Ghana. Most caterers are able to make enough income to support their families in Ghana. Continue reading to learn the cost of pursuing catering course in Ghana.

Cost of Catering School in Ghana?

The cost of attending a catering school depends on many factors. Most catering schools charge between GHC2,000 - GHC5,000 as school fees in Ghana.  In most cases, cost of training depends on the location of the school and the course duration. For instance, students pursuing certificate courses are likely to pay lower than those in diploma class.

Catering Schools in Ghana and their Fees

Below is an overview of some of the top catering schools in Ghana and their fees as at the time of writing this article.

1. GH Catering School

GH Catering School is number one on our list because it is one of the most popular catering schools in Ghana. 


Achimota Accra near Achimota New Transport Terminal and Adjacent the Achimota ICGC.

Phone number - +233 204 622250

GH Catering School Fees

GHC2,000 - GHC2,500


2. Jenny's School of Catering


MR84+GP2, Accra, Ghana

Telephone number - 0243782561

School Fees

GHC2,200 - GHC2,700

3. FlairCatering Services


10 Joseph Broz Tito Avenue Cantonment, Accra

Phone number - +233 (0) 500 410 740

Registration fees - GHC50

School fees - N/A

School website:

4. Vinesthy Catering School

It is one of the catering schools in Ghana that offer comprehensive and quality catering courses at an affordable cost.


Greater Accra region, Ghana

Telephone number - 0554750957

School Fees

GHC2,200 - GHC3,000

School website:

5. DMD Catering School

Address - Nii Adamant St. Accra

Telephone number - +233 (0) 549 674 747

School fees - GHC2,200 - GHC2,800

6. School of Catering

Address: HQVX+HHP, Accra

Tel - 057549469 or 0575749469

Fees range -¢2,000 - ¢3,000 

7. Dainess Chef School

Dainess catering school offers some of the best catering services to students. It is one of the great places to pursue catering courses in Ghana.


Asafoatse Otuofio Ave, Accra

Telephone number: +233 (0) 302908687

School fees - N/A

8. EKGS Culinary School


Dansoman, Greater Accra region, Ghana

Tel - +233 (0) 302307293

School fees - ¢2,200 - ¢3,000

9. G-Del Catering Institute

Address - Adental Municipality, Accra

Phone number - 0246540175

School fees - ¢2,100 - ¢3,000

10. JVEES Catering & Training


Greater Accra region, Ghana 

Phone number - 0243560812

School fees - ¢2,200 - ¢2,900

Other Catering Schools in Ghana

  • Quan Catering Services
  • Naa Suma Catering School
  • Cake Tekniks International
  • Prime School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts
  • Khameen Professional Institute
  • The King Culinary School
  • GOfoods Catering and Delivery Services
  • Matma Catering Services

List of Catering Courses in Ghana

  • Beverage Production
  • Cake Production
  • Pastry Production
  • Hotel Management
  • Events Management
  • General Catering Services
  • Events Decorations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Floral Decorations 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months does Catering training lasts in Ghana?

In Ghana, the duration of most catering courses usually ranges between 4 to 36 months depending on the course.

1. Certificate Courses in catering - 4 to 12 months

2. Short courses in Catering - 12 months to 24 months

3. Advance Certificate (Diploma) in Catering - 24 months and beyond

4. Degree in catering - 36 months to 48 months or more.

What are the skills needed for Catering?

  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent decision making skills
  • Display business oriented skills 
  • Strong organization and time management skills

Is Catering a good course in Ghana?

The short answer is Yes. Catering is still one of the top lucrative professions in Ghana. According to reliable sources, most caterers in Ghana make between ¢1,500 - ¢4,000 per month depending on your field of qualification.


The above catering schools and their fees in Ghana are some of the top catering institutions in Ghana. There are still other catering schools in Ghana which we could not add to this list due to our inability to access their data.

We suggest you visit each school to learn more about their services such as admission requirements, acceptance rate and other valuable information.

Note: The above fees may vary from the actual fees. The various school fees keep increasing each year so I suggest you take the above fees as a guidance and not the actual school fees.

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