How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Paying Money to Start

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Paying Money to Start

Making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start can sometimes be one of the best strategic ways to make money online. Making money online in Nigeria without paying a dime is possible on condition you have gotten the right guidance. In this article, we are going to teach you how to make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start.

Online money making is on the rise in the world due to the rise in online money making apps. These apps pay users to perform certain tasks on the platform. Luckily, most of these apps and websites are available for users in Nigeria. Even though making money online without paying anything can sometimes be difficult, but with time and the right guidance, it is achievable. Continue reading to learn how to make money online in Nigeria without paying a dime.

Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Paying Money to Start

Below are some of the best and reliable ways to make money online in Nigeria without paying anything.

1. Start an affiliate program

Being an affiliate marketer is another way to make money online for free. Affiliate marketing is when the affiliate (publisher) earns a commission for advertising or marketing another company's or person's products.

In most cases, it is recommended that an affiliate marketer should own a website. However, you can run an affiliate marketing business without blog. Some affiliate programs do not necessarily have to to with a blog. 

High Paying Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Associates
  • Refersion
  • BigCommerce 
  • Canva
  • Fivver
  • SEMrush
  • HubSpot

2. Create a YouTube channel

Another proven strategy to make money online without paying anything is by creating a YouTube channel. Creating a YouTube channel is absolutely free. It does not require any investment.

YouTubers are some of the best online money makers in the world. YouTube pays content creators to upload videos on their channel. Once you reach the monetization requirements, you can start to make money from your channel.

The money requirements demands 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours. Most YouTubers make money through Google ads. There are other ways to make money on your YouTube channel. You can also make money on your channel through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

3. Start a blog

You can also make money online in Nigeria with investment through a free blog. When I started my first website, I paid absolutely nothing. I was able to monetize it without any investment.

Creating a website on blogger is completely free. Blogspot is a platform owned by Google. The platform does not require any hosting since it is being hosted by Google. To create your blog on Google Blogger, all you need is a Gmail and Google account.

Just like YouTubers, most bloggers make money from their website through Google ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and other ads platforms.

4. Sell photos online

If you like to take photos or have good photos in your gallery, then this is probably the coolest way to make money online in Nigeria from your photos without paying a dime. 

Many apps and sites that pay users to upload their photos. These sites then release your photos to be sold at the international market. Some of the apps and websites to sell your photos include Shutter Stock, SmugMug Pro and IStock. You can visit each site to create your account and start making money.

5. Become a TikTok content creator

TikTok has become one of the popular and fastest growing social media platforms in the world. As at 2022, the app has over 1 billion active monthly users spread across the world.

TikTok content creators are paid to upload original and engaging videos on the app. As a TikTok content creator, you can make money online in Nigeria without money to start. TikTok now pays creators worldwide which include Nigerians.

TikTok monetization partnership was for certain countries (Tier 1 countries). However, in recent days, non tier 1 countries are still able to make money on the app.

Besides the monetization partnership, TikTok content creators can make money through sponsored posts, asking fans for donations, selling your own products, and driving traffic to your website.

6. Take online surveys

There are dozens of research companies and sites that pay money and other rewards to fill it online surveys. Even though not all online survey sites deliver their promise, some are very legit.

These sites pay users to give their opinions on a particular product or research. Survey sites pay between $0.5 to $1.6 per survey depending on your location. Most developed countries have advantage of getting higher survey rewards.

Legit Online Survey Sites

  • OnePoll Survey
  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • Branded Survey
  • LifePoints
  • InboxDollars or InboxPounds
  • Valued Opinions
  • YouGov
  • Survey Junkie

7. Start a drop shipping business

This is a very viable option for people in Nigeria who run an e-commerce business. Drop shipping is one of the most profitable online businesses in Nigeria. You can sell products online to your customers by selling high demand products.

Shopify and WordPress are best platforms in running the business.

8. Social media influencer

Being a social media influencer is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria without paying a dime. Most social media platforms pay their influencers to post or upload contents in the platform.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pay creators to post contents on the app.

9. Play games to win money

Online games that pay real money to users are currently available on the internet. These games reward users with either cash or gift cards.

With online money making games, users are not required to pay or invest any money. All you need is to download and install the gaming app and start playing. Some of these gaming apps can be played in an offline mode.

To make money on any social media platform, all you have to do is to create a page and start posting. Once, you gain followers, you can apply for monetization partnership.

Money Making Games

  • Mitsplay
  • Blackout Bingo
  • Solitaire Cube
  • GReward
  • CashEM game app
  • Gamee Prizes
  • Bingo Cash
  • Brain Battle
  • 21 Blitz game app

10. Become an online tutor

What if I told you making money online by teaching is another online money making strategy? Yes, as a Nigerian, teaching English Language to foreigners should not be a problem.

You can make money by teaching English as a second language to foreigners. People, especially in Asia, spend billions of dollars learning English online. You can take this advantage by registering as an online English tutor. 

Online Tutoring Job Sites

  • LinkedIn


In summary, you can make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start by becoming an online tutor, starting a drop shipping business, being a social media influencer, taking online surveys, playing games to win money, starting a YouTube channel, and creating a free blog.

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