How To Withdraw Money Without ATM Card in Nigeria



How To Withdraw Money Without ATM Card in Nigeria

Are you cardless, but still looking for a way to withdraw your money from the ATM? Well, you are probably at the right place. We will teach you how to withdraw money without ATM card in Nigeria.

For some customers, applying for the ATM card looks stressful. For this reason, some prefer cardless withdrawal. Fortunately, many banks have Incorporated the cardless withdrawal (also known as the cash-on-the-go system) into their banking system.

Cardless withdrawal has has an advantage in the sense that it reduces the risk of losing your card to a thief. With cardless withdrawal, all you need is the bank's USSD dialing code. It is important you know that each bank differs when it comes to cardless withdrawal. However, in this post we are going to look at the general way to withdraw money without ATM machine in Nigeria.

What You Need For Cardless Withdrawal

  • Your bank's USSD dialing code (for instance *737#)
  • Mobile phone (Any type of mobile phone)
  • Banking app (Not a must for some banks)
  • You will also need a Sim card which was connected to your bank account

How to Withdraw Money Without ATM Card in Nigeria

Here is a general step-by-step approach to withdraw money without ATM card

1. Dial The Instant Banking Code

The instant code is the first number to dial in order to withdraw your money. Before dialing the code, make sure you have registered a Sim or link a Sim card to your bank account. You cannot make proceed with your cashless transaction if you do not link your sim card.

It is also important to know that the instant dialing code differs from each bank. For instance, GT Bank dialing code is *737# while that of Access Bank is *945#.

2. Select Wireless Withdrawal Option

With the wireless withdrawal option, select the 'cardless withdrawal. In some cases, you will see 'cash-on-the-go' option. The number to be selected differs depending on the bank. For instance, the cardless withdrawal option may be  2 for some banks, but others it may be 5. Select your number and enter 'send'

3. Enter Your OTP (One-Time PIN or Password)

An OTP or One-Time PIN is a pin sent to your mobile number you have used for the registration. The OTP is used to confirm whether the phone belongs to you or not. Never share your OTP with anyone.

4. Enter Your Amount

Once you enter your one-time pin, the next is to enter your amount to withdraw. I'm some cases, a reference code will be sent to you via SMS or email (depending on your Bank).

5. Proceed To Cash Out

When you are done following all the steps above, you can now proceed to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw your cash using your reference code.

Features of Cardless ATM Withdrawal in Nigeria

  • Not all the ATM machines in Nigeria support this method
  • Each bank has its minimum and maximum withdrawal amount
  • This method is replaced by some banks with the banking app

How To Withdraw Money Without ATM Card in Some Nigeria Banks

1. United Bank for Africa (UBA)

There are about seven ways to withdraw money from UBA ATM without card. However, we'll mention only one here.

  • Enter any key at ATM
  • Select 'cardless' withdrawal feature
  • Enter the 0-14 digit withdrawal passcode
  • Enter your one-time PIN for verification
  • Enter amount to withdraw
  • Collect your money

2. First City Monument Bank

  • Login to your FCMB account and follow the steps below:
  • Select the 'cardless' option from the cardless cash feature
  • Enter all the required information in the tab and enter 'generate paycode option'
  • Visit any nearby ATM machine and enter and click on the 'Paycode Cashout Option'
  • Enter your withdrawal code sent to you
  • Next, enter a 4-digit Cash-Out Pin created
  • Insert the amount and submit
  • Take your money

3. VFD Microfinance Bank

There are two ways to withdraw cardless money from this bank. You can withdraw through the USSD code or via the app.

  • Via the Vbank App
  • Login to your Vbank app
  • Select the "Cardless Withdrawal" option in the quick links selection
  • Select 'Withdraw cash'
  • Select your account type 
  • Enter amount to withdraw
  • Enter your pin and confirm your details
  • A verification code will be sent to you via the sim you used in the registration
  • Go to the nearest ATM machine
  • When you get to the ATM, press on the "enter" button on the pay code-supported ATM
  • Select the"cardless withdrawal" option
  • Enter the "Paycode" option
  • Enter the Paycode sent to you via SMS and any other pin
  • Enter your amount as in the app (same amount) and confirm
  • Wait for your cash

In summary, you can withdraw money without ATM card in Nigeria by dialing the instant banking code, selecting cardless withdrawal option, entering your One-Time PIN, entering the amount to withdraw, and proceeding to cash out. 

As I said earlier, each bank has its way of cardless withdrawal. Some have several ways to withdraw money without ATM while others do not even have at all. All you need to do is to find out from your bank. 

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