34 Debate Topics For Primary Schools in Nigeria



Debate Topics For Primary Schools in Nigeria

Whether you are a student, teacher or parent looking for some of the best debate topics for primary school kids, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the top debate topics for primary schools in Nigeria in this article.

Debate is one of the best strategies for helping children to develop a strong opinion for everything. If you want your child to become a strong and good communicator, then try to involve him or her in school debates.

Kids who develop strong debating skills are able to think, process information, and come out with a better or quick reply. Continue reading to discover some of the best debate topics for primary school children in Nigeria.

Debate Topics For Primary Schools in Nigeria

Below is a list of the top debate topics for primary schools in Nigeria to consider:

1. Is it compulsory to have PE lectures for all students? Debate

2. Should kids be allowed to watch whatever they like on TV?

3. Should kids be allowed to eat whatever they want?

4. Parents have no right to look at their kid's phones

5. Kids can go on vacation with their friends without parental supervision

6. The rich should give money to the poor in the society

7. Mobile phones in primary schools should be banned

8. Should kids be allowed to be on social media? 

9. A teacher and a doctor who is more important?

10. PTA should be eliminated in basic schools. Write for or against the motion

11. Social media has a negative impact on students. Write to support or disagree with the motion

12. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) should be included in the basic school syllables

13. Corporal punishment should be banned in primary schools 

14. The farmer and the doctor who is more important?

15. Which is better? Public schools or private schools

16. Are video games helpful or harmful to children

17. Should the internet be banned from the school premises?

18. Should primary school teachers be replaced by computers?

19. Should we abolish grades?

20. Science or Arts? Which one is better?

21. Between books and movies, which one is more educational?

22. Do video games trigger violent behaviors in the society? 

23. School uniforms must not be compulsory for primary school kids

24. Children should have the right to vote during elections

25. Is male education better than female education

26. Is education better than money?

27. Should we blame teachers/parents for students failure?

28. Should religion activities be allowed in primary schools?

29. Should rapist face a death penalty?

30. Should we allow girls to play all sports games?

31. Is the woman's place the kitchen?

32. Should age be important when a kid is joining school?

33. Should there be right time for kids to watch television?

34. Primary school kids should be allowed to go on field trips. Write against or for the motion

Benefits of Debates for Primary School Kids in Nigeria

  • Children with a good debate skill has the ability to analyze situations and come out with adequate reply based on points raised by their opponent
  • Debate makes it possible and easy for children to speak in a large audience without being nervous
  • It opens up their thinking faculty. They are able to think and analyze things on their own
  • Debate also make a person becomes a better emotional and understanding person since he is able to learn to listen every word spoken by their opponent carefully

Qualities of a Good Debater

  • Should be able to speak loudly and clear 
  • A good debater should be clear and direct with his points
  • It is recommended that a good debater should be able to maintain eye contact with the opponent so as to be more focused without shying away
  • He or she should also be more organized and confident in his communication
  • A good debater should be calm, and avoid yelling at his opponent
  • Lastly, he or she should be a good listener

The above debate topics for primary schools in Nigeria are supposed to be be some of the best debate topics of all time. There are other topics which we intentionally left out, largely, due to the fact that they are more popular in almost every school.

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