How to Withdraw Eco 6 Lumi in Nigeria



How to Withdraw Eco 6 Lumi in Nigeria

If you are finding it difficult with the eco 6 lumi withdrawal in Nigeria, then we got you covered. We are going to teach you how to withdraw eco 6 lumi in Nigeria in this article.

What is Lumi?

The Lumi currency claims to be the official digital currency for the Economic Community of the African Diaspora Region (ECO-6). It claims to be fully integrated in the African Diaspora Central Bank and its member financial institutions. Continue reading to discover how to withdraw Eco 6 lumi in Nigeria.

Eco 6 Lumi Withdrawal in Nigeria

The truth about eco-6 Lumi withdrawal in Nigeria is that the official announcement date has since not been revealed. ECO-6 lumi holders are cautioned against any platform or company that claims to be buying Lumi now. 

There are other crypto traders outside Nigeria who claim to have Withdrawn Lumi currency using Swifin account. Even though we can't confirm this but we suggest you try the process below to see how possible it is. Fist of all, link or transfer your Lumi currency to your Swifin account and then follow the instructions below to withdraw ECO-6 lumi in Nigeria:

1. Log in to your Swifin wallet via the app or website

2. Tap on the withdrawal icon

3. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw in euros or Bitcoin

4. Click on enter and validate a confirmation email sent to you

5. Finally, enter your credit card details and then click on continue

6. Confirm your transaction and wait for a few minutes

If the process does not work, I suggest you wait for the official way to withdraw your ECO-6 lumi currency which will soon be announced by the officials of the platform.

We are also told that Eco Bank is in the final process of allowing deposit exchange of the Lumi currency before the close of those year. We were told to keep our Lumi safe and wait patiently for the withdrawal.

This may mean that if your country has Ecobank, or any approved bank, you may be able to exchange LUMI currency with them.

Frequently Asked Questions About ECO-6 Lumi 

Is ECO-6 Lumi Legit?

Well, there is no doubt many people have tagged the digital currency 'scam'. This is largely due to they unable to withdraw money from their wallet and issues with the payment dates.

When Will Eco 6 Start Paying?

Eco 6 payment is expected to start on 2020, 28th October and ends in 2023, on the same month and date.

Disclaimer: Some institutions warn against using ECO-6 lumi currency. For instance, the Bank of Jamaica stated that Lumi is not licensed in the country.

In summary, there is still no effective way to withdraw money from Eco 6 lumi in Nigeria. Eco 6 lumi withdrawal dates are usually announced by the State of African Diaspora (SAD). So, it is good to keep in touch with any new updates concerning eco 6 lumi withdrawal date.

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